Our Mission

Developing life-long skills and creative capabilities for the child in a relaxing and stress free atmosphere. Providing both material and human resources for achieving the educational goals of the school vision. Enhancing the desired ethical values of the society for the child. Preparing the child to cope with their environment and investing it fruitfully. Providing training opportunities for developing the KG teachers' skills. Preparing the KG learner for the primary stage.
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Our Facilities

Computer Lab

Communicate with the outside world and learn about modern technology


The library is a place for acquiring knowledge and developing learning skills

Science Lab

Developing the scientific and laboratory capabilities of the students

Swimming Pool

A healthy mind needs a healthy body.

Art Room

Art is considered to be a great source of improving artistic thinking creativity in kids of all ages.

School Theater

Theater simplifies the school subjects through on an educational basis.

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Online learning VS Classroom learning / Supervised by Miss . Alaa Elkhateeb.