Secondary 2 A

Mohamed Ehab

Who are we?


       Who are we? Really who are we? A simple question that is asked everyday but is the answer as simple as the question or it is just a theory? We? We are humans.

Now you know the purest kind of answer, It is just the cover of the book. Who are we? As religious people say, we are the people whose jobs are to create and build the earth. Brilliant answer and logical too but still it is widely opened. We need an answer. I am afraid to tell you that there is no absolute accurate answer, it is just from your own perspective. We? We in terms of biology are bunch of cells in some organs organized by some systems to be functional and that theory is scientifically correct and obvious too but we need the most logical answer to our paradox. The answer was given by philosophers. We in terms of philosophy are memories. We are just a brain. A brilliant brain actually. A brain which stores tons of data and terabytes of visual ones too. We humans are so smart that we have defined past and future. If we humans are brains then we are very intelligent, are we? How old are humans? Not talking about your nanny’s age, I mean mankind itself.

We in our recent history and shape are 50 thousand years old. It seems like a lot but we are nothing compared to most of mammals and most of anything else actually. In a universe which ages 14 billion years we are just a tip on the cup. Besides that we are not the strongest species, yet not even the fastest and I don’t want to disappoint you but we aren’t even the smartest but yet we are leading the planet. We are the guards of our galaxy but how? The answer is pretty easy, we made our intelligence. We humans with our little resources built an empire in knowledge and bloody history too. We invented machines and guns too. We created our own power upon lions and dolphins and I wish that continue because with our tiny limited intelligence we created our artificial intelligence. Let me tell you a story of a great man called Kasparov. A great chess player. A man who can represent humanity and mankind in any occasion. The youngest chess world champion had a big challenge. In 2001 a company for computer systems called IBM created a computer called Deep Blue. It is a computer of just 2 tons of data and knowledge about chess and that great computer will face our man. The result was that Kasparov won the game and IBM didn’t give up. In 2002 IBM updated the Deep Blue and now it is ready to face Kasparov again and catastrophic result happened, Kasparov lost to the computer. You may be wondering what is surprising about a computer defeating a man. You should be amazed because it is not a normal computer. It is a self-educated one.

That computer studied 600 thousand games of chess, studies hundreds of moves and hundreds of tactics that computer updated its knowledge by itself and that was revolutionary because nowadays artificial intelligence is an intelligence. Google translate as an example, No one have put an input in the program, and the program itself studied 20 billion translated words in the UN documents and speeches. In our recent time we have robots and very smart robots some of them took 96% of tasks in some jobs, 13% if you study law , 28% of the tasks of the accountant, robots are replacing humans in jobs. Not only that , as we humans are humans we make mistakes in roads we make accidents , Now Google , Tesla and apple are working in a project of self-driving cars or auto drivable cars we won’t need drivers in the future. Artificial intelligence is a good invasion of robots and machines but still it is an invasion. As I said earlier, humans with their intelligence created their own power and controlled the planet and now we created artificial intelligence in which technology is just taking places in a-lot of jobs replacing a lot of employers but we are controlling them apparently and in that case I can assume a theory or a paradox actually, what if robots in the future evolution and updates ask for their rights as robots.

I know it sounds stupid but think about it , artificial intelligence is just a program programmed to learn by itself what if it reached its peak and they were smart enough to make a revolution on their creators , us. We are under control now but in many areas artificial intelligence has done a-lot of human's work which took years to do. Programs in some computers make their own art projects called inceptionism without using any person in making them. Some programs make music without any interference of any human. I know it looks great but till what. It has already taken a-lot of jobs and will take. We are too smart that we created smarter things to make us look dump but are we smart in the first place? It is just a theory.


Ramzy Ramzy


    Now, you may have heard about e-mails, e-learning and e-shopping, all of which are done online. But have you ever heard about e-sports? Now you might be thinking,

How can a sport be played online? Well, I'm not talking about our classic sports such as Football and Basketball, I'm talking about video games. 

Before you misunderstand me and judge me, let me ask you one question: what is the difference between e-sports and normal video games?

To understand the difference between e-sports and normal video games, we have to look at the definition of e-sports. An e-sport is a multiplayer video game played. 

Competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers. By looking at the definition we can understand the difference. A video game doesn't necessarily have

to be online and therefore cannot be played competitively. Let's look at an example. 

On the one hand,  we have GTA 5, one of the most popular video games in the world, though. It has an online mode, that mode isn't primarily made for competition. 

    On the other hand, we have league of legends, another popular MOBA. MOBA stands for 

Multiplayer Online Battle  Arena, though it sounds really nerdy, but MOBA's were the start of an era of online competitiveness and are the reason of the popularity 

of e-sports.

Now you might not be yet convinced about any of this, so let us look at the benefits and importance of E-sports and what do e-sports require from players. 

First of all, these are not your average story mode video games. These are games that require a high level of strategic thinking reaction times, decision making and attention.

A study by Foundry 10 found that e-sports gamers can keep track of various objects and their locations are better than most people. This contradicts  the popular belief that screen time is harmful for your eyesight. To many people's surprise, strategic video games help develop skill sets similar to strategic games like chess.

Let's talk about salaries, yes, you get paid for playing professionally, from different sources, mainly 2 sources, prize pools from winning tournaments and separately earned money from streaming platforms like Twitch. The richest E-sports gamer is Kuro Takhasomi with an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars.As for the average 

player it varies according to 3 factors: the player himself, his team and other mitigating factors. Let's take league of legends as an example once more, though not for all players but the average player makes about 12,500$ per year from participating in tournaments alone for 28 matches per year, other than the world championship which

means the average player makes about 450$ dollars per game excluding the world championship. The worlds championship last year had a prize pool of 5 million dollars for

the winning team.

Now it's now all fun and games, believe it or not, you can actually get injuries. Though rare, injuries can occur to professional players like the carpal tunnel 

syndrome. It's caused when the main nerve between the forearm and the hand is repeatedly squeezed or pressed. This pressure occurs when the carpal tunnel the area

of the wrist that contains the main nerve and tendons becomes swollen. It can be avoided by regularly stretching and adjusting the way you sit.


In conclusion, the e-sports world is a vast area of competitiveness and excitement and will soon dominate the world and take over sports due to the internet being such

a powerful force nowadays.